Zdenek Zanka

algorithmic trader at HF Algo Systems

"I know Pavel for more then five years and he is one of the most experienced people, which I ever met. His analysis helps me to filter my long term trades and reach better results. I can recommend his algorithms to everybody, who wants to get more money from trading on financial markets. Now I am testing his signals and they looks very good, but it is not surprising."

Elena Lindisova

futures spreads specialist at Finakademie.cz

"SpreadCharts app gives me everything I need for analyzing interdelivery futures spreads. I especially value the composite Commitment of Traders data the team behind SpreadCharts was able to harvest. The app offers so many tools, yet it surprisingly doesn't charge anything for using it. It's free!"

Jing Zhang

Freelence Seasonal Spread Trader in VA, USA

I have using SpreadCharts for seasonal pattern discovery/validation for years. It's just a great app, not just in its rich features but also in the way its UI is designed. I guess its owner must have a very keen sense about UX (user experiences). I especially like SpreadCharts "programmability" in legging the spread, which may not be obvious to some users. Other than these, I had also traded emails with Pavel lately in seeking help. I really appreciate the way he cooresponded with me. He is obviously intelligent and very easy to talk to to.