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SpreadCharts Premium

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Under the SpreadCharts Premium subscription, every two weeks you’ll get a Spread report - a 30 minute video analysis of the current market situation and selection of the most interesting opportunities in the futures markets.

Frequently asked questions

What is SpreadCharts?

SpreadCharts is a comprehensive app for the analysis of futures markets. It contains everything, starting from seasonality to visualization of the term structure or the Commitment of Traders data (COT report). That's practically everything a trader needs for successful trading. The app also includes highly advanced features you will not find anywhere else. For example, Composite COT data or Carrying charges analysis for grains, including variable storage rates on wheat. SpreadCharts, however, is not just an app. We regularly publish the Spread report, containing an analysis of the most interesting market situations.

What are the terms of cancellation of the SpreadCharts Premium paid version?

You can cancel your subscription in your account settings after signing in. Once your existing subscription expires, the next payment will no longer be charged and the subscription will be automatically terminated.

What is the difference between the SpreadCharts free version and paid version?

SpreadCharts is completely free of charge, including all its features. SpreadCharts Premium is the paid membership that, in addition to the app, includes access to the current Spread report with a detailed analysis of the best opportunities in the markets. The spread report is published every 2 weeks, including both the PDF report and the half hour video.

Which payment options do you accept?

We offer a wide range of payment options. The easiest one is to pay by credit card. In addition, PayPal or wire transfer can also be used. You can also set up a self-renewing subscription, so you can be sure you will not miss anything.

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