We supercharged the app!

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 5. 1. 2018

Our app is becoming very popular. Number of new users has exploded last year and percentage of them actively using the app is surging. It’s no wonder why our app is attracting so much interest. It offers a great suite of features, decades of historical data and all of that for free. No subscriptions, no…


Free issue of the Spread report with a video

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 9. 10. 2017

I have some great news for our users. Based on the feedback from subscribers to the Spread report, we decided to get rid of the boring description of each opportunity in the report and make a video commentary instead. I hope this change will make the Spread report even more appealing to our subscribers. And…


Profit/Loss calculator

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 16. 8. 2017

We made some layout changes in the app. Wide buttons in the control panel (on the right) were replaced by slick icons. When you hover over an icon, you’ll see a bubble with description. We also implemented a profit/loss calculator. You can seamlessly display theoretical profit or loss right in the chart of a spread…


Improved seasonal trading signals

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 12. 7. 2017

Today, we’re launching a greatly improved version of the seasonal signals in our app. We reworked the algorithm from the ground up. Then we fine-tuned the selection criteria so that only the best signals make it to the list. We also redesigned the front-end. The whole experience is much smoother. Moreover, you can now sort…


Two losses with a smile

Elen Lindisova | Analyses | 1. 7. 2017

Have you ever found yourself smiling after a trading loss? That’s exactly what has happened to me recently. Maybe you think there’s something wrong with me when I smile after losing a trade. But believe me, I have a good reason for it. Today I will explain why. Losses inherently belong to trading. None of…


My new position in the cocoa market

Elen Lindisova | Trading ideas | 9. 6. 2017

I have opened a bull spread in cocoa. Despite the spread being low-risk, my position isn’t large for several reasons. Let’s comb through the charts. I always begin with the Commitments of Traders analysis. It’s like a screening filter which tells me whether the opportunity is worth my time. The COT is clear in cocoa…


Hedgers vs. Speculators

Elen Lindisova | Tutorials | 25. 5. 2017

In one of my recent articles about the COT report, I focused on the group of hedgers. Today, I would like to follow up on this topic with the second large group of market participants – the large speculators. This group is represented by the “Managed Money” in disaggregated COT reports or “Non-commercials” in the…


Cocoa/sugar ratio reveals a new opportunity

Elen Lindisova | Trading ideas | 18. 5. 2017

Ratio charts can show us many interesting things. They can reveal supports and resistances where’s a high probability of turnover. One such interesting situation can now be seen in the cocoa/sugar ratio. Take a look at the following chart. It’s clear that the ratio responds to support on the red line. The last time it…


Modelling carrying charges for grains

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 24. 4. 2017

I’m excited to announce some interesting new features in our app regarding grains and carrying charges. These functions are actually nothing new for me. I coded them for ZC, ZS, ZM and ZL sometime in 2010 into my personal Javascript app that later became an alpha version of the SpreadCharts.com app. What’s brand new today and…


Commitments of Traders – the Hedgers

Elen Lindisova | Tutorials | 25. 3. 2017

I wrote about COT analysis in my previous article. Today, I’ll continue with the Commitments of Traders, which is an important part of my trading approach. I mentioned big players and how they move the market. I’m going to describe who these large market participants are and how we can use their activity for our own…