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SpreadCharts offers the widest range of tools for analyzing commodity futures and spreads, which gives you a unique insight into the market. If you want to outsmart other traders, you have to use SpreadCharts!


83 futures markets means that there are more than 200 thousand possible spread combinations. So how to choose the right one? You need a complex platform in which you can analyze seasonality, COT or term structure, all in one place. You need SpreadCharts. And if you are still on edge about a particular market, our detailed market research can help you.

Trading signals
powered by AI

You’re probably familiar with various seasonal signals. They are quite common in many tools, and we used to have them too. Such signals are, however, backward-looking only as they ignore the current data. Using just seasonality is not a good idea as it can often fail. We decided to do better and developed trading signals powered by artificial intelligence. This intelligent model takes other types of data into account, not just seasonality. It makes predictions in real-time, continually learns on the new data, and adapts to the everchanging market environment.

Sentiment data

It pays off to be a contrarian. The sentiment data is necessary to identify the crowded side of the trade. And the best sentiment data in commodities and futures is the Commitment of Traders (COT). It shows you not what people think about the market, but what they actually do with their money. We have COT data for all available commodities and financial futures. As a result, you can see what the big players are doing so that you can manage your positions accordingly.

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Seasonality alone is no longer sufficient in today's financial markets. We offer much more. And all of it comes packed in a user-friendly environment.

Trading signals

These intelligent signals take other types of data into account, not just seasonality. They can make predictions in real-time, continually learn on the new data, and adapt to the everchanging market environment.


World-class research of the best opportunities in the markets from people with a successful track record in the hedge fund industry.

Seasonality studies

Although seasonality in no longer enough today, it is still important. That's why it is integrated into SpreadCharts too. The app offers not only normalized averages, but also variance estimates, stacked seasonality charts and seasonality by month.

Comparative analysis of liquidity

Our great endeavor was to make Volume and Open Interest analysis clear up to 4 different futures contracts at the same time. This makes it easy to see the liquidity flow between particular contract months.

Commitments of Traders

We have developed our own Commitment of Traders data processing methodology. Thus, it is possible to display the continuous series of COT data from 1986 onwards. In addition to the classic net positions, the app also includes traders positioning and concentration ratios.

Interactive charts & responsiveness

The charts are built entirely in HTML5, so using them is quick. You can also edit them and interact with them in many different ways. Moreover, the app works on tablets and smartphones.

Carrying charges analysis

This is a really unique thing, and you will not find it anywhere else in the world. Our full carry models for grains can help you better estimate the risk and improve timing of your trades.

Historical data

We have futures data for tens of markets available from the 1950s onwards. Thus, you analysis can be really long-term and thorough.

Making sense
of the data

Advanced machine learning and AI

We have decades of historical data, for some commodities since the 1950s. Although you can browse this data in the app, it's difficult to make sense of tens of thousands data points. That's where advanced machine learning skills come into play. Our powerful data analytics and AI models will help you recognize the key information and save time. And as you know, time is money.

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You can run the SpreadCharts app anywhere and anytime. Our software is ready to use on both PC and tablet. Thanks to our advanced technology, you’ll stay up-to-date even when traveling.


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We work with passion!

It all started out of the need for a tool to help us in our own trading. There was nothing suitable on the market, so we started to develop a solution ourselves. Although the app was originally intended for our own needs, we decided to make it available to other traders for free. The enthusiasm is still there, we keep developing SpreadCharts, making it even smarter and more powerful tool. Today, the app is used not only by traders, but also by producers and processors of physical commodities like farmers, grain elevators, oil drillers, wood logging companies and even dairy companies.

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