We supercharged the app!

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 5. 1. 2018

Our app is becoming very popular. Number of new users has exploded last year and percentage of them actively using the app is surging. It’s no wonder why our app is attracting so much interest. It offers a great suite of features, decades of historical data and all of that for free. No subscriptions, no…


Free issue of the Spread report with a video

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 9. 10. 2017

I have some great news for our users. Based on the feedback from subscribers to the Spread report, we decided to get rid of the boring description of each opportunity in the report and make a video commentary instead. I hope this change will make the Spread report even more appealing to our subscribers. And…


Profit/Loss calculator

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 16. 8. 2017

We made some layout changes in the app. Wide buttons in the control panel (on the right) were replaced by slick icons. When you hover over an icon, you’ll see a bubble with description. We also implemented a profit/loss calculator. You can seamlessly display theoretical profit or loss right in the chart of a spread…


Improved seasonal trading signals

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 12. 7. 2017

Today, we’re launching a greatly improved version of the seasonal signals in our app. We reworked the algorithm from the ground up. Then we fine-tuned the selection criteria so that only the best signals make it to the list. We also redesigned the front-end. The whole experience is much smoother. Moreover, you can now sort…


Modelling carrying charges for grains

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 24. 4. 2017

I’m excited to announce some interesting new features in our app regarding grains and carrying charges. These functions are actually nothing new for me. I coded them for ZC, ZS, ZM and ZL sometime in 2010 into my personal Javascript app that later became an alpha version of the SpreadCharts.com app. What’s brand new today and…


New term structure chart

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 16. 9. 2015

Term structure (or forward curve) gives investors an important insight into the state of the markets. Now you can find it in SpreadCharts too! It’s under Historical charts in the app. Here’s the current term structure for CBOT corn as an example:


Seasonal trading signals launched!

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 11. 8. 2015

After about a year of development, we’re launching our new seasonal trading signals. The studies are based on our own algorithm, which was tweaked to find the best trades in the futures markets. Actual trades are sorted by the entry date. Each row contains the computed entry and exit date from the trade, average return…


ICE futures added

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 29. 7. 2015

We’ve added ICE futures contracts into our app. We bought a new commercial data feed for ICE data. The most visible change is in the Softs group. However, there are also some new commodities in the energy group such as Brent Crude Oil, ICE Gasoil, UK Natural Gas and others. The Dollar index in the…


What am I working on right now?

Pavel Hála | Announcements, Quantitative trading | 25. 5. 2015

After two years, I have left Charles Bridge Global Macro Fund in April of this year. I moved to a brokerage and asset management company Colosseum, a.s. I’d like to use this post to thank my friends at Charles Bridge. It was a wonderful time working with a small group of very smart people. Charles…


Introducing historical ratio charts

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 4. 3. 2015

We’ve added a new feature! You can now create ratio charts between time series in our continuous futures database. Log into the app and pick “Historical ratios” in the right panel. There are two selectors delimited by a “/” division character. You can basically divide two time series and make some fundamentally important ratio charts,…