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Global economic outlook 2020

No matter if you trade commodities, stocks, or currencies, you should know in what shape is the global economy. Are we about to enter a boom, or is a recession approaching?

It’s never easy to answer this question. Although we have plenty of macroeconomic data, some of it is always in conflict with the rest. It is no different right now. Inflation, employment, monetary policy…which of these metrics will move the markets in 2020, and what will be less important? Today’s special and comprehensive video analysis will provide you the answer.


You’ll learn:


  • what’s the condition of major economies – i.e. USA, Europe and China

  • how probable is a recession in the near term

  • what indicators will alert us about the impending recession

  • where to invest in 2020 and what’s better to avoid


Video analysis with the answers to these questions has been just published in the Research section of the SpreadCharts app. Just open the app and find it there.

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Pavel Hála
Pavel Hála
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