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How to make money in any environment

Published June 18, 2021

The price of some stock can multiply by a hundred over a few years. Nevertheless, it’s very rare. There are a hundred others that go bankrupt for each such a super successful company. That’s why it’s nearly impossible for an outsider like you or me to spot such an opportunity and make money on it.

The price of a commodity can’t go up hundred times. That’s simply not possible. On the other hand, it also can’t fall to zero. While the upside is limited, commodities have specific advantages, no other asset classes have.

Today, we will reveal to you one such case.


The cure to low price is … even lower price

We were looking for a bottom on coffee since the end of 2018 and turned incredibly bullish last year. We expected the price of coffee to eventually double or even triple, that’s what we told you. You can check all our statements in the older premium research videos.

Yet, we don’t know the coffee market at all. We have no idea about the supply or demand. And still, we were highly confident coffee price would explode. How’s that possible?

Unlike stocks that trend higher over the long term, commodities are cyclical. When the price gets too low, you can be pretty sure it will get back up sooner or later. That was the case with coffee since the end of 2018.


Strategy is the key

Knowing isn’t doing. Even if you don’t know the market, it’s necessary to have a good strategy. It protects you from catastrophic losses and often allows you to make money in every environment. That was also the case on coffee in the middle of December 2020. While we have been incredibly bullish longer-term, we identified an upcoming pause in the uptrend back them, which turned out to be spot on. Moreover, we devise a clever strategy that made money, even though the price of coffee moved nowhere.

Want to learn it and use it in the future on your own? Then you have a lucky day. We decided to reveal this strategy, originally intended for our premium users, to everyone today. Enjoy the video!

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