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Major upgrade released

Published May 16, 2013

New awesome tools, added functionality, corrected bugs, and great improvement in speed and overall user experience.

5-year seasonality trade alerts

We’ve been working on this for a few months. You’ll no longer need to analyze seasonality manually. We have developed statistical algorithms and will deliver you the best upcoming commodity futures and spread trades based on historical seasonality. We didn’t want to find just the most profitable trades, our complex algorithms also took volatility and liquidity into account. Therefore, we found the best trades in commodities. Just look at a few examples:


An even more intelligent input field

Our subscribers are already familiar with the Spread Charts intelligent whisperer that shows you available contracts ranked by the average volume from the last 5 trading days.


Today we added an arrow to the right side of the field. It shows options to quickly invert the spread or adjust expiration month or year.


Dashboard changes

Our dashboard, where you can pin charts you are following, is one of the greatest features of Spread Charts.


However, some users were experiencing delays and overall bad performance when accessing it. We’ve made improvements but the problem remained for users with many charts pinned to the dashboard; notably for those with poor internet connections. So we decided the dashboard won’t load entirely as before. Instead, it will be loaded by rows manually. Therefore when you access the dashboard only the first row loads itself. A “Show more” button will appear beneath it. After clicking on it another row will load up. By repeating this procedure you can load the entire dashboard without glitches or browser freezes.


Speed improvement

The Spread Charts app is running in the cloud. This has many advantages such as no need to install anything or the ability to access your app from nearly all devices and operating systems. However, cloud apps are sensitive to loading speeds and performance issues. Response swiftness is a big priority for us. That’s the reason why we made many refinements to both spreads and futures charts handling and loading. Speed improvement is astonishing and user experience with our app has reached a new level.

Go to and try it for yourself.

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Pavel Hála

Pavel is the founder and CEO of SpreadCharts.

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