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New version of SpreadCharts for free!

Today we have some great news. We’ve been working on a complete overhaul of the app for months. Here’s the list of changes:

1) Brand new design of the app. We were inspired by the modern trend of flat design.
2) New landing page. Simple, yet information rich.
3) The core of the app completely rewritten. The main benefit is brutal speed improvement.
4) New charts and studies.
5) From now on, SpreadCharts is free of charge for personal use.

I would especially highlight point 5. There’s currently no software with similar or fractional capabilities like SpreadCharts that would be available for free. It’s not surprising because development of such programs and data licenses are very expensive things. So how’s it possible we can offer all this for free? That’s because the business model of our company has changed. Our focus shifted from individuals to institutions and businesses. We’re making customized studies and analyses based on our proprietary set of algorithms for hedge funds, brokers, and other financial firms. We decided it’s easier for us to deal with a few big companies than a crowd of individuals. However, we’re grateful to all the people who supported us during the years, so we’ve decided to keep the SpreadCharts app open for the public to use for free.

We would also like to ask for your patience during the rollout phase (Oct 2014). We tried to have crucial functions of the app ready from the start, but the software is so complicated that it’s possible you’ll experience problems loading the site, some functions may not work or data may be corrupted. We will do our best to address these issues.

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Pavel Hála
Pavel Hála
Pavel is the founder and CEO of SpreadCharts.