Seasonal trading signals launched!

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 11. 8. 2015

After about a year of development, we’re launching new seasonal trading signals. The studies are based on our own algorithm, which was tweaked to found the best trades in the futures markets. Actual trades are sorted by the entry date. Each row contains computed entry date and exit date from the trade, average return on investment in the last 5 or 15 years and also the maximum drawdown during respective period.


That’s not all. There are few cool features. First, when you click on the ticker of the spread or futures (e.g. HEJ16-HEG16), the app will open the “Seasonality” tab in the “Spreads” section and display the selected trade. You can analyze the trade and then click on “Trading signals” section to go back.

Another feature is enlarging the chart. When you click on an image of the chart on the right, the bigger interactive version of the chart rolls out below. You can use it to thoroughly analyze the expected movement of the spread or future.


Every chart can be exported as png image by clicking on the button below the chart and then saving displayed image. We hope you enjoy these great new features of our app. The app remains free for personal use.

As all our other charts and studies, trading signals are intended for education only and we strongly discourage everybody to make trading decision based on any chart or information on our websites.