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We’re raising prices, last chance to get the old price

Published November 28, 2019

Price of the premium subscription goes up

We launched the premium subscription on SpreadCharts in December 2015. The price has stayed the same thorough the years even though the premium plan was originally just a PDF with charts (no videos) and the app contained a fraction of functions than today. When we launched the wonderful new features this week, we decided to do a first price hike after so many years.

However, as the Black Friday is just around the corner, we decided to give you one last chance to get up to a year of the premium subscription for the old price. You’ll find the instructions at the end of this article .

First of all, let’s summarize the changes in the premium subscription and reveal the new prices. You can see it clearly in the following table:

Features Old subscription New subscription

Trading signals
powered by AI

Research videos of the best opportunities every 2 weeks right after the opportunity emerges

Global macro analysis
+ recession forecast

Premium content
integrated in the app

3-month subscription $69 $99

1-year subscription $239 $329

* additional VAT charges / sales tax may apply, depending on your country

While the price will be somewhat higher, the value you’re getting for your money gets much better, given the great new features launched today. As a premium subscriber, here’s what you get:

  • full access to the SpreadCharts app, the most sophisticated software for commodity markets analysis
  • trading signals powered by artificial intelligence
  • world-class research of the best opportunities in the markets from people with a successful track record in the hedge fund industry
  • high-quality educational articles from the basics of futures/spread trading up to advanced strategies
  • all the premium features are now comfortably accessible right in the app
  • BONUS: occasional global macro analysis of the trends affecting the major economies around the world + the recession forecast

Black Friday special offer!

Despite the price hike, we are giving you a chance to enjoy up to a year of the premium subscription for the old price. If you buy the premium by the end of Monday (Monday, December 2nd 2019, 23:59 ET), you’ll get the old price for a single subscription period. If you choose the yearly plan, you will save $90. Just keep in mind that you’ll be charged the regular (higher) price in the next period after your current one ends.

And what about the existing subscribers? Well, you have even better terms because you will receive a single period for the old price AFTER the end of your current subscription period. For example, if you have a yearly subscription that is due to renew in the summer next year, you’ll be charged the old price in the summer and only switch to regular (higher) rates after the end of the next period, which would be summer 2021 in my example.

We define existing subscribers as those who bought the premium plan before the launch of the new premium features, that is till Tuesday, November 26th 2019, 3:30 ET. We greatly appreciate those who believed in us and supported us in a tangible way when the premium subscription was much less interesting than now. The necessary condition to get the bonus is that your subscription will run uninterrupted, and you won’t change your subscription period after the next Monday. So if you have a 3-month plan and want to upgrade to the yearly plan to get the maximum discount, you have to do so by the end of Monday. Also, if the credit/debit card associated with your FastSpring subscription expires and you forgot to update your billing details (you can do so HERE), you won’t get the discount as the next discounted charge will fail.

We hope you won’t miss this great opportunity. You can buy the premium subscription right in the SpreadCharts app. Here is a quick video guide how to do it:

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Pavel Hála

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