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New watchlist and mobile optimizations

Published December 23, 2020

We have launched another major update of the SpreadCharts app today. We bring you an entirely new watchlist and many improvements focused on a better mobile experience.

I will mention just some of the changes:

  • you can now open many items from the watchlist at once
  • change position of items within watchlist using simple drag & drop
  • modify existing records in the watchlist
  • watchlist now remembers its state, i.e. selected tags to be displayed
  • you can now browse through the history of any chart on mobile devices, just tap on the chart and then swipe to the left or right
  • many minor mobile improvements like better buttons, etc.

I think a practical demonstration would be better than just a rough description. Therefore, we made two short videos.



Work with many charts at once

We have finally unlocked the full potential of the watchlist. You can open many charts at once and browse through them under the tabs in the Charts section of the app. This can massively speed up your workflow and save your time.

But there’s no free lunch. In order to cope with the increase in parallel requests for many charts at once, we have to boost our computational infrastructure. Our servers were running close to their limits even before the launch of these new features. We have become victims of our own success as our global user growth, together with the rising complexity of the app studies, led to skyrocketing server load, especially during peak hours.

But we do not want just to sustain the quality of our service, we intend to make it even better. Therefore, we invested heavily in the new server infrastructure and migrated the whole app during this maintenance period. The app is now running on a distributed computational infrastructure made of 4 servers that are a few times more powerful than the original ones. This should be more than enough to handle your requests and serve you all the charts you need quickly.

Given the rising computational demand of the new features, we’re forced to keep them available only to our premium users. They will be able to work with many charts at once. Free users will keep access to all the data and charts (except for the continuous histogram), but their experience will be somewhat linear. The differences are summarized in the following table.

Features Free version Premium subscription

Access to market data
for tens of commodities

Price action, seasonality,
Term structure, COT

Max items in watchlist 10 1000

Max allowed active tabs 3 100

Advanced studies
like the histogram

Trading signals
powered by AI

Research videos of the best opportunities

Price FREE $99 / 3 mos.*
$329 / year*

* additional VAT charges / sales tax may apply, depending on your country

SpreadCharts has always been very friendly towards beginners. The free version of the app exists precisely for this reason. The amount of free stuff we provide is unprecedented (with zero annoying advertising). You have access to all the market data and all the charts except for continuous histogram. You can study decades of historical prices, seasonality, sentiment data, term structure dynamics, and do cross-market analysis for free. That’s great, especially for beginners who are not yet sure if commodity trading is the right choice for them without the need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on analytical software.

The main goal of our premium plan is to save your time. The signals and research are meant to save you hours or days of your own time searching the market for the best opportunities. Opening many charts at once from your watchlist and working with them at once under different tabs is also a great time-saving feature. You get all of this from $28/month. Get the premium plan here.

If you’re serious about trading and so much of your time is worth less than $28, then you are doing something wrong.

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Pavel Hála

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