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Multi-leg futures spreads

I promised this feature to some of my friends in the US long time ago. And starting from today, our platform offers full support of these types of spreads. Our team made a great effort to bring the best experience for traders of these advanced strategies.


Here are the new features:

  • Multi-leg spreads of up to 4 legs: You can analyze butterflies, condors, ratio spreads, etc.


  • Fractional multipliers: They can be used in a wide range of spreads. A good example is this crush spread: -ZSN18+ZMN18*2.2+ZLN18*11


  • Brackets: If you’re not used to fractional multipliers and just wish to divide the whole expression by a number, no problem with that. This crack spread is an example: (2*RBN18+HON18-3*CLN18)/3


  • Plot your own indices: You have total freedom to analyze intermarket relations or calculate your own indices. This comes handy if you wish for instance apply our seasonality studies to a percentual contango in VIX futures.


    Or you can display gold price in euros and compare it to net positions from the Commitment of Traders data. Quite useful for european investors into precious metals.


  • Improved Comparative analysis of liquidity: This study helps you visualize the liquidity flow between the selected futures contracts.


You can check out the new features in the app.

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Pavel Hála
Pavel Hála
Pavel is the founder and CEO of SpreadCharts.