Quick coffee trade idea

Pavel Hála | Trading ideas | 12. 2. 2013

One quick trade in NYBOT coffee (KC). Look at the spread KCK13-KCH13: Shorting the spread (i.e. long KCH13, short KCK13) would be a good idea right now. Why? Look at the seasonality analysis of this spread: It never gets much over 3.0 in the last ten years so there is probably an arbitrage barrier. And…


We’ve launched!

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 11. 2. 2013

app.spreadcharts.com is an app for analyzing and charting commodity futures and spreads wherever you are. Spread Charts is a cloud app built on html5. That means you can access your spread charts on PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. And you don’t even have to install anything. Imagine you’re traveling to a friend and you…


Market breadth

Pavel Hála | Workshop | 30. 9. 2012

Name Link S&P500 Equal Weighted Index / S&P500 Index SPXEW/SPX Nasdaq 100 Equal Weighted Index / Nasdaq 100 Index NDXE/NDX Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index / S&P500 Index WLSH/SPX % of S&P500 stocks above 50MA / % of S&P500 stocks above 200MA SPXA50R/SPXA200R NYSE Summation Index NYSI VIX Term Structure VIX/VXV High Yield Corporate Bonds…