New app features

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 22. 1. 2015

Some time has passed since my last post. We’ve been working hard to address bugs in the app. Here’s the full list: Price data for futures and spreads have been cleared of holes and inaccuracies. We also recreated historical (continuous) data series. Seasonality charts for both futures and spreads are up and running. The Commitments…


New version of SpreadCharts for free!

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 15. 10. 2014

Today we have some great news. We’ve been working on a complete overhaul of the app for months. Here’s the list of changes: 1) Brand new design of the app. We were inspired by the modern trend of flat design. 2) New landing page. Simple, yet information rich. 3) The core of the app completely rewritten….


Major upgrade released

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 16. 5. 2013

New awesome tools, added functionality, corrected bugs, and great improvement in speed and overall user experience. 5-year seasonality trade alerts We’ve been working on this for a few months. You’ll no longer need to analyze seasonality manually. We have developed statistical algorithms and will deliver you the best upcoming commodity futures and spread trades…


We’ve launched!

Pavel Hála | Announcements | 11. 2. 2013 is an app for analyzing and charting commodity futures and spreads wherever you are. Spread Charts is a cloud app built on html5. That means you can access your spread charts on PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. And you don’t even have to install anything. Imagine you’re traveling to a friend and you…